Credits for RoKlib

As I'm currently the only developer of RoKlib, there's not much credit to share for the source code. Other than that, there are a number of people I'd like to mention in this place to thank them for their valuable work which helped me a lot in saving time and understanding concepts.

The first to name is Wally Flint who in 2001 wrote a great article on about Ternary Search Trees. This article gave me the impulse to create an own implementation of this data structure. The article "Plant your data in a ternary search tree" provides an excellent overview of the algorithms used by this data structure and was a huge help during implementation.

Florent Ramiere of Jaxio wrote an excellent overview article on how to best use Maven to build DocBook documentation. Using his examples I was able to really quickly configure the generation process of RoKlib's documentation with the docbkx Maven plugin. This saved me a lot of time as I could start right away with writing the documentation without all the fuss of having to figure all this out myself.

Its the committment of such people mentioned above which makes one's own work so much more productive and fun.