RoKlib documentation

The documentation of the RoKlib library is pretty much work in progress. Writing documentation is probably the most tedious and unrewarding work to be done when developing software. But I acknowledge that it has to be done thoroughly and in a timely manner.

Therefore, RoKlib offers two types of documentation. The first is the common JavaDoc API documentation. This will be updated regularly and kept in sync with the source code as much as possible. If you spot any deficiencies in this documentation don't hesitate to contact me.

The second type of documentation comes as a DocBook user manual. This is intended to give you a deeper understanding of the concepts provided by the library than is possible with JavaDocs alone. This documentation shall give you a thread to follow in order to be able to grasp the library as a whole. It shall function as both a tutorial and manual.

This documentation can be browsed online or downloaded as a PDF document.

DescriptionLinkLast Update
RoKlib 0.1 HTML documentationSingle page HTMLJan. 17th, 2011
RoKlib 0.1 PDF documentationPDFJan. 17th, 2011