Download RoKlib

Here you can find links to the latest builds of RoKlib. Several versions are available including source code and binary distributions. Go ahead and grab a copy.

RoKlib 0.1 binary distributionRoKlib-0.1.jarJan. 7th, 2011
RoKlib 0.1 source distributionRoKlib-0.1-sources.jarJan. 7th, 2011
RoKlib 0.1 JavaDocsRoKlib-0.1-javadoc.jarJan. 7th, 2011

Getting RoKlib Sources From the Source Code Hosting Site

The source code of RoKlib is hosted at You need the source code management tool Bazaar to get a checkout of the sources. Visit the project at to find the latest development branches and their corresponding URLs.


The RoKlib library needs Java version 1.5 or higher to be compiled.

Installation Instructions

Simply add the RoKlib JAR file to the classpath of any software which wants to use the library.

 $ java -cp RoKlib-0.1.jar ...

Using Maven

If you're using Maven as build tool, you can install the JAR file in your local repository with the following command:

mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=info.rolandkrueger.roklib -DartifactId=RoKlib 
  -Dversion=0.1 -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=/path/to/file

If you have downloaded the sources of RoKlib, you can also do a full build and have Maven install the library in your repository for you:

 $ mvn clean install    

In your pom.xml add the following dependency for linking with the library:


Building Instructions

All artifacts downloadable from this page can be build from the sources with the following commands:

 $ mvn package       # builds the binary distribution package
 $ mvn javadoc:jar   # builds the JavaDoc distribution package
 $ mvn source:jar    # builds the source distribution package