jLexis Credits

Program Library and Tools Credits

The following frameworks are used for creating jLexis.

Design Credits

This project homepage was created using several free contributions of a few people from the web.

  • jLexis uses the Silk icon set created by Mark James. These icons are available on his homepage www.famfamfam.com.
  • The page design template is provided by studio7designs.com.
  • The screenshot gallery is powered by the Highslide JavaScript thumbnail and media viewer.
  • The images used on this project page were created using free vector graphics from www.openclipart.org. The graphics used were provided by the following contributors: Francesco 'Architetto' Rollandin, demikl, and Inky2010.

Tooling Credits

The following Open Source Tools were used for creating this project page and the jLexis software.

  • Eclipse - the definite IDE for writing Java programs.
  • Notepad++ - was used as text editor for editing this page's HTML markup.
  • Inkscape - this excellent vector graphics manipulation tool was used to create the graphics on this page.
  • Gimp - was used as graphics editor.