jLexis Screenshot Gallery

Take a tour through the current implementation status of jLexis! Note that the following screenshots are intended to give you a glimpse of the ideas behind the vocabulary trainer. What you can see here are some of jLexis' main features as currently implemented with Java Swing. Since the user interface is planned to be completely overhauled, the look and feel is going to change significantly in the near future.

The first three screenshots show the creation process of a new learning unit. You can see elaborate forms to enter vocabulary data. These are individually provided by the language plugins. With this, you are free to refine your vocabulary with additional semantic data which can later be used in quiz rounds.

The next screenshots depict how a quiz round that tests your vocabulary is configured. The last images exemplarily show how some of the quiz questions may look. Similar to the vocabulary edit forms, implementors of language plugins have all freedom to design their own quiz question types.